8 Disney Baby Toys for Tummy Time!

I remember my babies detesting tummy time. It’s not uncommon — and it’s not any wonder. Working those little neck muscles is hard! As much as we don’t want to make our babies do anything they don’t like, tummy time is really important is helping our infants’ neck and back muscles develop, giving your baby a different view of the magical world around them.

There’s no time too early to begin tummy time, you can start doing it right after birth! Make tummy time less of a chore and more about playtime with these 8 sweet toys from DB!

  • 8 Ways to Make Tummy Time Fun!

    8 Ways to Make Tummy Time Fun!

    Take the misery out of tummy time with these fabulous DB toys perfect for playing with down on the floor >>>

  • CLASSIC POOH Flat Blanket Teether Toy

    As your baby learns to lift and balance their head and flex those neck muscles, distract them with this adorable flat teething toy, made specifically for blanket play!

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  • Speaking of Blankets...

    I always had a few big and soft quilts to lay out on the floor or the grass outside for my babies for roll around, tummy time play. I love that this MICKEY MOUSE Heirloom Quilt is personlizable; something that you and your baby will cherish for years to come.

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  • For Those Who Like Pink

    If you have a girly girl on the go, this is the perfect size and look for hours of tummy time and exploring!

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    Books are a great way to distract and engage your baby while playing low on the ground. Keep them on their tummy while you get down there with them to flip the pages. I especially love that this incorporates sensory play through the touch and feel animal friends!

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  • Simba Plush Rattle for Baby

    Anyone who’s watched a baby during tummy time knows that their head bobs up and down and frequently meets the floor (thus the need for extra padding in a soft blanket!) A soft plush rattle like this will be perfect for their little grasping hands, goobery mouths and precious noggins.

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  • THE LION KING Rounds Assortment from Fisher-Price®

    Roly poly fun! Get down low on the floor with your baby and roll these back and forth in front of them. Creating interesting visual distractions is often all you need to do to keep your baby from wailing the blues at having to be on their tummy.

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  • ''it's a small world'' Book - Guess Who!

    Who wants to look at the floor and kiss fabric all the time? No wonder babies hate tummy time. Placing a book right under their face and guiding things along will have them looking at themselves in wonder instead of the floor.

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  • MINNIE MOUSE Musical Activity Play Wall from Fisher-Price®

    This is typically to be used in a play pen, but I like the idea of mounting it to a wall, low down Montessori-style, specifically for tummy time. Cozy a blanket flush with the wall and show your baby the way!

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  • 10 Tips to Tame Tummy Time!

    Fellow DB blogger Keiko Zoll put together some amazing tips on getting your baby to love tummy time. I highly suggest you check out what she has to say!

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