How My Daughter Completely Rejected the Pacifier

Every parent shares “that weird thing” or habit that their child does. It could be anything, but it’s particular to them.

Little L has never liked or wanted a pacifier. I gave her one around 3 months to soothe her to sleep, it just had to be done. But I started noticing she would take it for a short time then spit it out. She never cried out for it and now, at one year she has still not wanted it.

We have offered it to her, especially when she wakes at 2 a.m. and we can’t stop her crying despite despite trying all of the usual tricks. But nope, won’t take it. She did reluctantly take it at 10 months, laid there, thought about it, took it out, stared at it, bit the hard back then literally threw it in my face. And was the end of that.

Believe me, I’m happy I don’t have to wean her off of it. It’s an ugly process that requires that much more strength. My son was so desperate for this dummy that he would cry and throw himself on the carpet and chew on it!

My husband couldn’t stand the crying/whining combo, so he would sneak them into his crib when I wasn’t paying attention. Needless to say, it took us a good while to get rid of them.

Regardless, I’m still surprised she never took it, even as a 3- and 4-month-old. She would just spit it aside, as if saying, “No thanks, Mami. I’ll pass on that.”

Has your child rejected the pacifier?

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