5 Great Activities to Enjoy for Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day is around the corner and one of my biggest hopes is for nice weather. It was a rough winter and it would be nice to enjoy a warm, sunny weekend with my family. The simple things make all the difference. 

We spend so much effort figuring out what mom wants for Mother’s Day (I know I have when it comes to my own mom), but I have realized that I would much rather have a weekend filled with meaningful experiences than flowers or presents. Don’t get me wrong, flowers and present are awesome (the ones above are from my very first Mother’s Day), but nothing beats the magical quality time that I just don’t get enough of because life can be so demanding.

Here are a few experiences that I think moms might enjoy this Mother’s Day. Presents are awesome, but real quality time with your family—well, that is priceless.

1. Family picnic. If mom usually prepares the meals, maybe it’s time she gets a break. Mother’s Day is a great time to put together everyone’s favorites (made by daddy or store bought), grab a comfy blanket, and head to the park or the beach. Everyone is sure to have fun and mom will enjoy her time with the family.

2. A trip to mom’s favorite restaurant. Is mom a foodie? If so, a trip to her favorite restaurant is a must. If it’s not family-friendly establishment, don’t worry. Visit a family friendly place with mom for breakfast and then let her enjoy a romantic evening at her favorite place without the kids.

3. A visit to a local nursery. I don’t have a green thumb but I know many moms do, and they just love their gardens. If that rings true for you or your mom, a day at a nursery is a great idea. They kids can learn a lot, and mom can make a few purchases for her indoor and outdoor gardens.

4. A day outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, canoeing or cycling, a day outdoors is great for everyone and it’s a great opportunity to relax and bond. If the weather is nice, just go for it and enjoy. Mother nature can give us the best presents.

5. Sleep. I just had to include this because one of my favorite Mother’s Day “activities” is sleeping in. I love my babies and I would not trade them for anything, but I sure do miss sleeping in.

I hope you decide to do one of these activities and, of course, you shouldn’t be planning a thing. Enjoy yourself next weekend and have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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