4 Reasons It’s Great to be a Latino Baby

Obviously, I’m hispanic and I’ve grown up in this crazy loud culture surrounded by hispanics. For about four years my husband and I lived in North Carolina and Colorado immersed in the anglo culture. It was during that time that I really recognized the differences between the two cultures. It’s interesting how things are just done differently in the South and Midwest. When it comes to raising children the differences are really noticeable. I don’t think any one culture is better than the other, just different. I’m here, however, to share four reasons why it’s great to be a hispanic baby.

colombian baby

  1. The Food. This is a given. Our food is amazing. It doesn’t matter if you hail from Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico…it’s ALL good. Flavorful, spicy, filled with love – and there’s lots of it. Abuela won’t let you sit on an empty stomach. Many Latina moms make their own baby food and infuse it with all the delicious Latin flavors. Lucky lucky babies.
  2. The Music. Our music is so fun and vivacious. When you hear it you can’t help but shake your hips. Babies love it too. Just put on a salsa CD for your baby, they will be moving and grooving. Hispanic babies grow up listening to this music and the rhythm is firmly embedded in their psyche.
  3. The Parties. Hispanics like to party. We invite everyone in our family over (and trust me, that’s a lot of people), crank the music, and cook a lot of food. And babies are totally welcome! Seriously, it doesn’t matter if the party is going on well after bedtime the kids are up and having fun along with everyone else.
  4. The Love. Latin grandparents (and other family members) love to spoil babies. There is no shortage of arms to be held in or cookies to consume. Sometimes we have to rein in the grandparents to make sure our kids aren’t too spoiled. But I sure am happy that my kids are so incredibly loved (and a wee bit spoiled).

What are some great things about your culture that your kids will appreciate?

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