30 Adorable Baby Name Pairs for Twins

I have two friends who are expecting for the very first time, and both of them are pregnant with twins! They have some names picked out, but I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some more possibilities for them. (Ha!) Some people name their twins similarly, giving them names that either have a similar sound (Everly & Oliver,) have the same number of syllables (Mason & Daphne,) or start with the same letter (Lydia & Luke.) As a former teacher, I kind of have a love affair with alliteration, so I put together 30 adorable baby name pairs for twins! What do you think of these?

Name pairs for twin girls:

  1. Melanie & Melissa (my cousins!)
  2. Addie & Abigail
  3. Jacy & Joya
  4. Eva & Everly
  5. Chloe & Clair
  6. Mia & Maddie
  7. Kayla & Kylie
  8. Lily & Loren
  9. Paige & Peyton
  10. Ingrid & Isabelle
Name pairs for twin boys:
  1. Arlo & Anderson
  2. Logan & Lucas
  3. Marco & Milo
  4. Davis & Daniel
  5. Caleb & Christian
  6. Carter & Cooper
  7. Henry & Huck
  8. Jacob & Joseph
  9. Aiden & Andrew
  10. Reid & Reece
Name pairs for boy/girl twins:
  1. Avery & Addison
  2. Jillian & Jordan
  3. Owen & Olivia
  4. Sebastian & Sophia
  5. Emma & Emerson
  6. Jayda & Jayden
  7. Nora & Noah
  8. Mason & Morgan
  9. Luke & Lucy
  10. Dane & Darcy
Expecting twins? What are you naming them? 

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