Why I Love My Travel System

I live in the suburbs. I don’t walk to the grocery store. I don’t walk to the post office. About twice a year, I walk to the library (it’s only about a mile away). My main method of transportation by a long shot is my car.

And yet, I love my strollers. Yes, I have multiple. I have an umbrella stroller, a single jogging stroller, a double jogging stroller, and one of those ubiquitous travel system strollers (where you have a carseat, a carseat base, and a stroller that all work together).

We got our travel system when our first daughter was born and used it exclusively until she was about a year old and then we started accumulating the other strollers.

Now with Ani in our family, I’m remembering how MUCH I love the travel system. Like many newborns, Ani falls asleep almost instantly when the car starts moving. And so, when I’m running errands, it is extremely nice to just pop the carseat right into the stroller without having to disturb her at all. We can go to five different stores and she barely flutters her eyelashes – she just snoozes on, safely buckled in.

Winnie the Pooh "Picnic Place" Saunter Travel SystemAlso, this time around, we own a car new enough to have the carseat locks in the backseat, so we can snap the carseat base securely into the car. Because this car is a little taller than the car I drove when Ella was an infant, I am supremely grateful for that carseat base because I don’t have to reach over the carseat (I’d need 10 foot arms!) to manually buckle it in to the middle seat. I just snap it on the base and we’re ready to go. This is especially nice when I’m also trying to keep track of a busy toddler in a parking lot.

I also love that the stroller folds down small enough to fit easily in the trunk of both my crossover and my husband’s sedan. And it still leaves plenty of room for groceries, although, sadly the stroller doesn’t come with extra arms to help you carry all the groceries up the stairs of your apartment building.

(You know what else was gratifying? The first time I tried to fold the stroller up, it took both my mom and I to figure it out because I had zero experience with strollers of any kind. This time? Even though it’d been more than a year since I last used it, I snapped it right up on the first try. I felt like a genius!).

P.S. Through 2/9, you can get $30 off the Winnie the Pooh “Picnic Place” Saunter Travel System at Kmart!

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