25 Vegetarian Eats & Treats the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Earth Day (April 22) is celebrated around the world as a way to promote and encourage environmental protection. Here in Canada, the one day has turned into 30 days of awareness. For the entire month of April, families and individuals walk, feast and celebrate the planet we live in with their community, family and friends. These celebrations tend to make you reflect on your habits and although we strive to live as ‘green’ as possible there is always room for improvement.

As we know green living includes recycling, riding public transport as much as possible, reducing your plastic usage and eating as ‘green’ as you possibly can. Vegetable and fruit consumption is not only good for your body, it’s good for the environment as it helps to combat climate change.

Whether you are celebrating Earth Day, Earth Week, Earth Month or are just looking for ways to sneak some extra fruits and veggies into meal-time, here are 25 delicious vegetarian eats and treats that are oh so delicious and suitable for the entire family.

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