25 Sweet Photos of Lola and Her Big Sister

My oldest daughter dreamed of life with a sibling. Although she loved spending time with Mommy and Daddy, she wanted nothing more than for our family of three to become a family of four. While she had a furry sister (our dog), having a baby sister was what she referred to as her “dream come true.” When her sister arrived, she thanked her daddy and I for giving her a sister and 11 months later she still adores her baby sister. She has told us that they are best friends and has been nothing but sweet and loving to her. And each time she walks in the room Lola gets excited. Over the past several months I have had the honor of watching these two. I have watched their love blossom into something so beautiful. One might wonder how they can be so close given the age gap but sit and watch the way their eyes light up each time they meet and there is no denying these two were a match made in heaven.

In celebration of Sister’s Day I wanted to share some photos of Lola and her big sister. Thanks to my cell phone and Instagram I am often able to capture sweet moments between these two. While big sister loves posing for photos with her sister sometimes I am able to snap everyday moments (or the moments in between attempts at getting posted photos) of sweetness too. In my heart of hearts I truly believe that the best thing I did for my girls was give them each other. I am so blessed to be able to not only watch them grow up but watch them grow closer together and that is nothing short of magical.

It was so hard to pick just 25 but the ones I am sharing are a testament to the fact that no matter how close or far apart your children are in age they still have the ability to form a special bond, a bond that will ultimately give way to a lifetime of love and friendship. Take a look at 25 Instagram photos of Lola and her big sister:

  • 25 Sweet Sister Photos

    25 Sweet Sister Photos

    Take a look at 25 photos of Lola and her big sister.

  • She loved her from the start

    She loved her from the start

    From the moment she knew she was going to be a big sister she was ecstatic. And so in love. She would talk to and pray for her baby sister. And she could not wait to meet her.

  • Baby sister's first day home

    Baby sister’s first day home

    My oldest couldn’t wait for Lola to come home and once she did all she wanted to do was hold her in her arms.

  • Holding her every chance she got

    Holding her every chance she got

    Just like in the beginning, even to this day my oldest daughter holds her baby sister Lola every chance she gets.

  • Sharing her extra pair of glasses

    Sharing her extra pair of glasses

    These two started sharing early on.

  • Little sister staring in awe

    Little sister staring in awe

    This picture is proof that big sister wasn’t the only one who was mesmerized.

  • My two honeybees

    My two honeybees

    My mom called me honeybee when I was little so it was only fitting that I gave birth to two of my own honeybees.

  • Their first Thanksgiving together

    Their first Thanksgiving together

    Thankful for the gift of sisterhood.

  • Smile


    Anytime big sister had little sister in her arms she was all smiles.

  • Their  first Valentine's Day together

    Their first Valentine’s Day together

    What better way to celebrate love than to admire the love between sisters.

  • Listening to big sister play a song

    Listening to big sister play a song

    Big sister always performing. Little sister always attentively watching (although now clapping too!).

  • Sister bunnies

    Sister bunnies

    A trip to the farm for Easter meant a day of fun for two special some-bunnies.

  • Giving baby sister kisses

    Giving baby sister kisses

    Sister kisses are the sweetest.

  • Tourist twins

    Tourist twins

    A trip to San Francisco meant coordinating shirts.

  • Sisters in their sunnies

    Sisters in their sunnies

    A day at the park called for sunglasses.

  • Making eyes at one another

    Making eyes at one another

    Taking a break and admiring the view.

  • My Minnies

    My Minnies

    Wearing their mouse ears and getting ready for Lola’s first Disneyland adventure!

  • Enjoying a summer day by the pool

    Enjoying a summer day by the pool

    Coordinating swimsuits for some poolside fun.

  • Much bigger now but still able to fit in big sister's arms

    Much bigger now but still able to fit in big sister’s arms

    My oldest loves showing us how she is able to hold her baby sister all by herself.

  • Smoothie loving sisters

    Smoothie loving sisters

    Drinking a smoothie just like big sister.

  • Playtime


    Summer vacation has allowed for so many moments for these two to bond.

  • Holding hands

    Holding hands

    Oftentimes if Lola is cranky while in her car seat, holding her sister’s hand comforts her.

  • Sister snuggles

    Sister snuggles

    The two of them seem to love loving one another.

  • Sister love

    Sister love

    Moments like this are my favorite.

  • Rocking out

    Rocking out

    Lola and her sister having fun at a family concert.

  • Swinging


    Big sister loves making her little sister giggle and pushing her on the swing is a guaranteed way to do that.

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