22 Adorable Fourth of July Outfits for Baby Boys & Girls

So, how do you keep patriotism alive and well in the life of a baby? You dress up their closet in red, white and blue! In just two days, families in the United States will be celebrating the Fourth of July with their friends and loved ones, so I thought it would be fun to find some outfits that would be perfect ways to showcase patriotism and pride in the country many of you call home.

These are just 22 different outfit ideas, but there are other ways to inject a little of the patriotic color trio into your baby’s wardrobe.

Work with what you have

Does your baby have an adorable white, navy or red dress? Add in an alternating colored shrug or sweater and showcase the third color in the form of shoes. Or, if you have a little boy, use red suspenders atop a pair of navy shorts and a white polo. As long as you integrate the three colors in some way, you’ll have the perfect Fourth of July outfit.

Click through for 20 of my favorite handmade looks. Some of them are almost too cute for words!

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