18 Favorite Photos from Elvie’s 18th Month

Elvie officially turned eighteen months old on Sunday, and as I looked back over the month, I felt that this is the month I have really seen my baby change and become so much more of who she will be. Eighteen months to two years old has long been a favorite age range of mine, and it is such a pleasure to enter into it with Elvie. During her eighteenth month, she sprouted a ton of new teeth, started to lose her baby belly, and grew an inch. She learned more words and took some first, tentative steps. I love watching her grow; every single month is special in a different way from the last. I am excited to share these eighteen photos from Elvie’s eighteenth month with you.

  • Eighteen months old, already?

    Eighteen months old, already?

    I can’t believe it, but I love it.

  • Joint napping effort

    Joint napping effort

    Normally I rock Elvie to sleep, but after I had my surgery, I couldn’t manage it for awhile. Jarod took over nap duties, and it clearly worked out well.

  • Sunday beignets, a favorite!

    Sunday beignets, a favorite!

    Now that Elvie has more front teeth, she can bite into things better. A bakery down the street has beignets on Sunday, and Elvie was excited to finally have her own that wasn’t cut up before it landed on her plate.

  • Still flirting and making friends, everywhere she goes

    Still flirting and making friends, everywhere she goes

    She might be stuffing fries and chicken into her mouth with wild abandon, but she’ll stop immediately if she catches the eye of a new friend.


    Who needs that last sound in a word? She just identified an object and said (most of) the word! Everybody knew what she meant, and smiled at her enthusiasm.

  • Flirting, again, this time on the train

    Flirting, again, this time on the train

    For Elvie, public transportation is all about making friends. It’s nice that it gets us from Point A to Point B, but what she really cares about is if enough people smiled and responded to her greetings.

  • San Francisco summers can be chilly, but Elvie doesn't mind.

    San Francisco summers can be chilly, but Elvie doesn’t mind.

    Who would mind if they looked this fabulous in a cozy bear jacket? Probably no one.

  • Trying to be funny, and succeeding

    Trying to be funny, and succeeding

    Elvie has always made faces, but now she’s expanding her range. I call this one “The Cheese.”

  • Hello from the playground!

    Hello from the playground!

    As she has become more and more mobile, Elvie has enjoyed the playground more and more. She’s convinced that if she tries hard enough, she can do whatever all the other kids are doing. It might take longer than she thinks it will, but I’m sure she’s right.

  • Lap naps are still welcome.

    Lap naps are still welcome.

    She is getting so big, and every time I have the spare time to allow her to nap on my lap, I do it. It’s not as comfortable as it once was – sometimes my arm goes to sleep with her head resting on it – but it is still precious time to spend together.

  • She's pretty sure she's the coolest toddler ever.

    She’s pretty sure she’s the coolest toddler ever.

    She gets such a kick out of trying on sunglasses. We’ve even had strangers stop to tell her how cute and stylish she looks in grown-up glasses, and that only fuels her desire to try on as many pairs as possible.

  • Extra super silly is what she's aiming for.

    Extra super silly is what she’s aiming for.

    Sometimes she practices different tongue moves in the mirror and cracks herself up, and then she uses those same moves when we are out to make others laugh.

  • Morning craziness

    Morning craziness

    Elvie has no interest in relaxing on the bed after we wake up for the day anymore. She wants to play and bounce and get into everything. We still hang out on the big bed to start the day, but our time together is a lot more active than it used to be.

  • Two pacifiers? No problem!

    Two pacifiers? No problem!

    She’ll just use them both!

  • Hanging out in the baby carrier, literally.

    Hanging out in the baby carrier, literally.

    Elvie has no interest in the proper way to be carried in the baby carrier. I’ll get her settled just so, balancing her weight and making sure everything is ergonomically correct for both of us, and it doesn’t take two minutes for her to readjust so she’s a bit lopsided and has a hand and arm free to just wave and wave.

  • A cat and her kitten

    A cat and her kitten

    Our elderly cat, Phae, has taken an interest in keeping watch over Elvie from the beginning, and we joke that she is Phae’s kitten. Just because Elvie is far bigger than she used to be doesn’t mean that Phae will give up her job as protector.

  • Still her big sister's biggest fan

    Still her big sister’s biggest fan

    You’d think Zinashi hung the moon just for Elvie, the way Elvie adores her and wants to be near her. Whenever Zinashi is sitting down, you can find Elvie nearby in a heartbeat, backing up into Zinashi’s lap. She doesn’t ask, just assumes she’s welcome, and she usually is.

  • She's getting better at getting into everything.

    She’s getting better at getting into everything.

    Lately, she prefers to get into the markers. I’m not sure why she thinks drawing on her face is the appropriate action, but that’s usually what happens. Good thing there aren’t any permanent markers in spaces she can reach!

  • Being eighteen months old is AWESOME.

    Being eighteen months old is AWESOME.

    Elvie can’t wait to dive enthusiastically into her nineteenth month. She’s sure to make all sorts of waves.

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