15 Sweet and Funny Poems for Moms!

Spring is here, full of flowers and cheer. April is half over, here comes May. And Mother’s Day is less than a month away! So start planning now how you want to show, extra love to the moms you know. And if you’re stuck, don’t you fret. I’ve found the 15 best poems about moms yet!

  • A Poem For New Moms

    A Poem For New Moms

    This short and sweet poem is perfect for new moms and new parents.

  • Babies Don't Keep

    Babies Don't Keep

    My FAVORITE poem about being a mom. I hope you love it and it inspires you to live each moment and soak them all in.

  • My Mother

    My Mother

    A sweet little dedication to the mom who is always there.

  • Mom and Me

    Mom and Me

    A quick ode to the joy that spending time with your mom brings.

  • Superman's Mom

    Superman's Mom

    Even Superman needs a mom! A fun poem celebrating the support of moms.

  • M-O-T-H-E-R


    Break it down. What does the word “Mother” mean to you?

  • My Mother

    My Mother

    The sweetest little poem for the woman who was always there to help and love.

  • Worth More Than Gold

    Worth More Than Gold

    Celebrating how quality time between mother and child is worth more than any material wealth.

  • The One and Only

    The One and Only

    For all the reasons why mothers are completely irreplaceable.

  • A Toast to Moms

    A Toast to Moms

    This poem would be so sweet as a Mother’s Day brunch toast. Don’t you think?

  • A Mother's Prayer

    A Mother's Prayer

    Such a sweet poem about the gracious and tender heart’s desires of a mother.

  • Supermom!


    Celebrating the love that drives moms to do it all and be supermoms for their children.

  • Everything I Am...

    Everything I Am...

    I am because of my Mom. A short and sweet dedication.

  • What Being a Mother Means

    What Being a Mother Means

    Every mom knows what this poem is talking about!

  • Mother's Sweet Moments

    Mother's Sweet Moments

    A sweet poem I know every mom will be able to relate to.


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