15 DIY Cards For Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

In true Carriere family fashion, we’ve left our Valentine’s Day cards to the very last minute. We are taking the kids out to a live theatre production of Beauty and the Beast tonight (pinch me!) which means I have this afternoon and tomorrow morning to start and complete all of our Valentine’s Day cards.


Lesson learned for next year I guess. Luckily there are brilliant minds out there who have put together simple tutorials for kid-friendly easy to make Valentine’s Day cards. If you (like me) have left your cards to the last minute, relax and look no further. I’ve done the running around for you and rounded up 15 of my favourite DIY card ideas for toddlers and kids courtesy of Spoonful.com.

  • Photo Card

    Photo Card

    This fun peekaboo card idea is a sweet and simple gesture that offers a surprise as soon as you open it.

  • Celery Stamps

    Celery Stamps

    Who knew that you could create such a beautiful rose print using a bunch of celery! Babies, toddlers and kids of all ages will have a blast with this craft.

  • Lovely Ladybugs

    Lovely Ladybugs

    Looking for something quick, fun and cute that can be made in a flash? These ladybug
    are a good choice if you have a pile of recipients on your list.

  • Printables


    If you are really, really short on time, printables are a great solution. These Lady and the Tramp cards just need to be printed, cut out and labeled.

  • Loving Hands

    Loving Hands

    Anything with a child’s handprint becomes a keepsake you’ll want to keep forever. These love birds are made using your child’s handprints and offer a sweet loving gesture.

  • "Hugs!"

    Everyone loves hugs, but did you know you could give them in card form?

  • Assorted Cards

    Assorted Cards

    You don’t need to spend a bundle on fancy materials to make your very own Valentine’s Day cards. Here are several card ideas to get you started.

  • Heartflakes


    Snowflakes are to the holidays what Heartflakes are to Valentine’s Day. This idea is better suited for older children who can handle scissors.

  • Window Valentines

    Window Valentines

    I don’t like throwing cards away as they hold so much sentiment. These window cards stick on your window, offering a daily reminder that someone loves you very much ;).

  • Ace of Hearts

    Ace of Hearts

    Have your kids hand out a deck of valentines tomorrow and stick with the aces. ;)

  • Some Bunny Loves You

    Some Bunny Loves You

    Put your baby’s fingers to work by making prints for these bunny cards.

  • Painted Hearts

    Painted Hearts

    Use your baby’s fingers to swirl the paint around. Let the paper dry, cut out hearts and paste them on cards. Voila! A heart card suitable for babies and toddlers.

  • Carrot Stamp Card

    Carrot Stamp Card

    Vegetables aren’t just for eating, you can use them to paint too! Use carrots as stamps to create this love bug caterpillar card.

  • Elephant Love

    Elephant Love

    Animal lovers will adore this elephant card which is made up of hearts!

  • Vinyl-tines


    Paper cards have been a tradition for years, but what about trying your hand at these vinyl-tines for an interesting change?

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