10 Things I’ve Pulled Out of My Baby’s Mouth

As much as I vacuum, pick up toys, and do a sweep of the playroom before letting Little L crawl around, she ALWAYS manages to find something to put in her mouth.

Of course as an 11-month-old, it’s her duty to taste everything. Everything she picks up goes straight into her mouth. Most of the time, she just chews it and keeps it in the side of her cheek.

Some are harmless, but of course, no wants their baby eating anything that isn’t food — and much less off the floor!

Here are 10 things I’ve pulled out of my child’s mouth — which still manages to amaze me every day!

1. Dust bunnies — ewww!

2. My hair — yikes!

3. Cotton ball

4. Pieces of leaves and grass

5. Pine needles from our Christmas tree

6. Piece of faux leather from our sofa

7. Toilet paper

8. Lint from my sweater

9. Feather she pulled out of the pillow

10. Scotch tape

What things have your little ones managed to put in their mouths?

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