10 Things I Want More of & 10 Things I Want Less of in 2014

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, instead I’m a firm believer that if there’s something you want to change in your life you should do it stat instead of waiting for the first day of the first month of the year. Life’s too short to make resolutions once a year!

That being said, I’m far from perfect and have quite a few things I’d like to change in my life. This year, I’m reflecting of all of the good and not so good from 2013, so instead of resolutions, I’ve decided to make a list of 10 things that I want more of in 2014 and 10 things that I want less of for myself and my family.

What things do you want more of and less of in 2014?

  • More Love

    You can never have too much love, hugs, kisses or caresses. I want more love and cuddles in 2014 from my husband and my children. Love is truly all you need.

    Photo credit: epSos.de/Flickr

  • Less Drama

    I can’t say we have much drama in our life as it is quite peaceful. We got rid of the most of the drama several years ago and I refuse to allow any infiltrate our family again. The Carriere household is now an official “No Drama Zone.”

    Photo credit: Marion Doss/Flickr

  • Family Time

    Family Time

    I don’t care if it’s more traveling adventures, more time playing outside or extra cozying on the couch with a book – I want more quality family time in 2014!

  • Less Computer Time

    My work revolves around full-time computer access and although I can’t cut down on the work, I can try and shut the screen off during my non-work hours. The screen doesn’t have to be on 24/7.

    Photo credit: Trostle

  • More Baking

    More Baking

    The scent of freshly baked breads and cookies will forever be the main thing you smell when you walk into our home. I’ve always been a big baker but in 2014, I want to have something warm and bubbling (or gooey) coming out of the oven.

  • Less Packaged Food

    I don’t buy much packaged food and when I do it’s of the healthy variety. Although it saves me quite a bit of time, packaged health food is very expensive which is why I want to cut down and start making more foods and snacks from scratch.

    Photo credit: melanie_hughes/Flickr

  • More "Real" Photography

    My smart phone has taken place of my “real” camera more than I’d like to count and this year I want to refocus on DSLR photography and less on filtered smartphone photography. I’ll save the iPhone shots for Instagram.

    Photo credit: DoodleDeMoon/Flickr

  • Less Diapers

    Less Diapers

    You guys, 2014 will be the year I potty train my son. It will, it will!

  • More Conversation

    I want to talk more. I want to look my children straight in the eye with no interruptions and have more conversations with them. It’s gold.

    Photo credit: juhansonin/Flickr

  • Less Television

    There is always room for less television don’t you think? I’ve started to unplug the TV so little hands can’t turn it on with the remote.

    Photo credt: espensorvik/Flickr

  • More Dancing

    DANCE! Dance with your husband, dance with your kids – dance by yourself. Dancing brings so much joy and happiness to the world and kids are like mirrors so get up and boogie!

    Photo credit: Kathleen Tyler Conklin/Flickr

  • Less Sitting

    Are you sitting down? See the previous slide.

    Photo credit: JoshSemans/Flickr

  • More Mommy & Daddy Time

    More Mommy & Daddy Time

    We went on a couple of “dates” last year and they were amazing. No kids. Highly recommend it! Hoping to increase that number from 2 to 6 – at least.

  • Less Wasted Time

    Make every minute count. Wasted time is just that – a waste. Don’t’ waste a minute!

    Photo credit: The Marmot

  • More Learning

    For me, for my kid. I want to learn more skills and perfect old ones. Just because we’re adults it doesn’t mean the learning process has ended. In fact, I find it just begins..

    Photo credit: dadblunders/Flickr

  • Less Procrastinating

    I’m a horrible procrastinator and tend to freeze when overwhelmed with a million things are listed on my to-do list. No more my friends, no more!

    Photo credit: Superfantastic

  • More Fitness

    After bearing 3 children, I need more fitness in my life.

    Photo credit: Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

  • Less Excuses

    No. More. Excuses. I don’t care what their about. I will be excuse-less in 2014!

    Photo credit: katerha/Flickr

  • More Quality Relationships

    More Quality Relationships

    When it comes to friends and family, I don’t want quartz, I want diamonds. Quality over quantity.

  • Less

    Less "Yes!"

    I need less “Yes!” in my life and more “No!”

    Does it benefit my family? My husband? Myself? Our future? If I can say YES to all three of those questions than the answer will be – yes!

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