10 Life Lessons I Want My Daughter to Learn From Frozen

My toddler was a bit on the young side to sit through a movie when Frozen first came out, but now that it’s out on DVD the time finally came for us to sit down and watch it and like most toddlers, mine instantly became obsessed with it. We’ve actually only watched the movie once so far, but she loves all the songs and pretty much knows “For the First Time In Forever” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” by heart already. I loved watching the movie together and it’s definitely become one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. I love the heroines and the music and pretty much everything. These are princesses I hope my daughter looks up to. As such I put together a little list of some life lessons I took away from the movie that I hope my daughter will learn. (*Note: If you haven’t seen the movie, there are spoilers!)

10 Life Lessons I Want My Daughter to Learn From Frozen

1. There is no such thing as your perfect Prince Charming

In the movie Anna daydreams of finding “the one” and after one evening spent with Prince Hans at a party, she decides she’s in love and gets engaged. Hans may be charming and look good on the outside, but in the end it turns out that he’s not who Anna thought he was. On the other hand, Kristoff who appears to be “a bit of a fixer upper” turns out to be a much better match – even though he’s not the obvious choice. True love isn’t about finding a perfect Prince Charming, because he doesn’t exist. No one is perfect, so don’t judge a book by its cover or you could miss out on someone great.

2. Love takes time

I don’t want to discount all those people who claim to have experienced love at first sight, but in general, I don’t think love works that way. Yes, there may be immediate chemistry and spark like Anna experienced with Prince Hans, but truly falling in love with someone and getting engaged after knowing them for one evening? Not particularly likely. I hope when my daughter is old enough for romantic relationships one day she’ll take it slow and really get to know the person she’s investing time into. Sometimes people take time to grow on you as well – just like Kristoff did for Anna. That’s certainly how it was for my husband and I.

3. One person cannot fulfill all of your needs

Early in the movie Anna pins her happiness on Prince Hans. In the song “For the First Time In Forever” she sings, “…a chance to change my lonely world, a chance to find true love” She seems to think that finding “The One” will finally make her truly happy, but it doesn’t turn out that way. Love is wonderful and I hope my daughter finds true love one day, but I also hope she will realize that she cannot expect one person to fulfill all of her needs and make her happy. Friends and family are an important part of our story too!

4. Family is most important

I love that this movie focuses on the love between two sisters and the important bond of family. I hope my daughter knows that romance can fade and friends will come and go, but our family will always be there for one another.

5. Everyone deserves a second chance

After Elsa freezes over her entire town she runs off to create an ice palace for herself and live in exile. But, Anna never gives up on her and in the end Elsa is able to come back and gets a second chance to be queen. I want my daughter to know that mistakes will happen, but that everyone deserves a second chance.

6. You be you.

For years Elsa tries to “conceal…don’t feel” and to fit into this good girl mold that has been set out for her. She hides her true self and experiences a lot of unhappiness as a result. Once she embraces who she is, she finds an inner strength she never knew she had. I hope my daughter will know who she is and always be true to herself, because the world doesn’t need another carbon copy of someone else. She is the only version of her there will ever be and I hope she learns to embrace it.

7. Never underestimate the transformative power of a fantastic dress

One of my favorite parts of Frozen is when Elsa transforms during the song “Let It Go” into her fantastic ice queen gown. Her entire persona changes with that one dress. She walks differently, she sings differently, she exudes confidence. Dear daughter, never forget that a truly fantastic dress can increase your confidence tenfold and transform the way you feel.

8. Let it go

Don’t hang on to baggage. Living in the past and dwelling on mistakes as Elsa does throughout the first part of the movie is the surest way to be unhappy. Leave the past in the past and move on. Today is a new day daughter, so carpe diem!

9. Don’t shut people out

For years Elsa shuts out her sister Anna (and everyone else around her), but it doesn’t solve her problems. In the end, she finds true happiness once she lets down her guard and lets people in. I want my daughter to know that even when she is going through a difficult situation, the people she loves will always be there for her and she doesn’t have to shut them out.

10. True love doesn’t give up

No matter how many times Elsa brushes Anna off or pushes her away throughout the movie Anna is always pursuing her. She never gives up because she loves her sister. Whether it’s asking her to build a snowman year after year or chasing her down in the woods to bring her home or even sacrificing herself for her sister – Anna proves that true love never gives up. I hope my daughter will learn this and know its truth. Regardless of what happens, we will never give up on her and vice versa – I hope she will never give up on those she loves.

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