10 Baby Names Inspired by Easter

I’ve always considered naming my kids one of the most important decisions of my life. It’s something that is your decision yet will be with them their entire life. I decided to go with family names for all three of my children, but many people go with names because of the meaning behind them. With spring officially here, that means that Easter is on it’s way. If your little one is due this season or around the Easter holiday, check out these 10 names inspired by the spiritual holiday!

  • Arledge


    The bunny rabbit is one of the most popular symbols of Easter. This name, meaning “dweller at the rabbit lake,” is great for a little girl.

  • Pascal


    I love this name for a little boy. While I commonly think of this name from the chameleon from the movie “Tangled” (my girls are obsessed,) the name is French meaning, “Easter.”

  • Stasia


    Stasia, short for the beautiful name, Anastasia is Greek meaning, “resurrection.”

  • Renée


    Renée is a popular girls name that means reborn.

  • Palmer


    Palm Sunday is celebrated a week before Easter to commemorate Jesus entering Jerusalem with people holding palm branches to greet him entrance. Palmer means “one who holds a palm” and would be a great name for a boy or girl.

  • Dimanche


    Dimanche is a unique name that I had never heard of before, but I really love it. While I do love the name Sunday, I much prefer this French version.

  • Croix


    Croix, the French word for cross, is a very pretty name for a little boy.

  • Owen


    Owen is a common boy’s name that we hear often. The name means lamb, which is a symbol often associated with Easter.

  • Asher


    This has always been one of my favorite boy’s names. It is the Hebrew word that means “fortunate or blessed.”

  • Cruz


    Cruz is the Spanish word that means cross and is a delightful name for a boy.

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