10 “Amazing Animals” Disney Baby Infant Toys from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price has a super fun and great Disney Baby infant toy collection that features many favorite Disney animal characters. Your baby’s love of animals and Disney come together for a fun assortment of toys that will delight him or her.  From choo-choo trains to bath toys, you’ll find something wonderful that your little one will adore. Click through to check out the collection and find the right one (or two or three) for your baby!

  • Disney Baby Sing Along Choo-Choo

    Disney Baby Sing Along Choo-Choo

    Choo-choo!! Baby’s favorite Disney animal characters are all aboard this adorable train. Take a ride with Dumbo, Simba, and Lucky all around your living room and beyond.

    Disney Baby Sing Along Choo-Choo.

  • Dumbo Rollin' Tunes

    Dumbo Rollin’ Tunes

    Baby will love crawling after Dumbo. It’ll be like your own personal Disney Parade, as the Dumbo Rollin Tunes toy plays music and Baby follows close behind!

    Purchase your own Dumbo Rollin’ Tunes.

  • The Lion King Hakuna Matata Tote

    The Lion King Hakuna Matata Tote

    Think you can’t find the right toy for your Lion King loving baby? Hakuna Matata!! No worries! This Lion King Tote features Lion King inspired characters, tunes, phrases, sound effects, and the famous Hakuna Matata song. Just right for your little cub.

    Purchase your own The Lion King Hakuna Matata Tote.

  • Mufasa Rollin' Tunes

    Mufasa Rollin’ Tunes

    Take pride in giving your baby a great toy that will develop motor and sensory skills as Baby crawls behind musical Mufasa.

    Purchase your own Mufasa Rollin’ Tunes.

  • Finding Nemo Squirt Clicker Pals

    Finding Nemo Squirt Clicker Pals

    Give squirt a shake to hear his rattle beads and click his legs for even more fun sounds. Baby will easily be able to grip the textured feet on this little guy.

    Purchase your own Finding Nemo Squirt Clicker Pals.

  • Finding Nemo Rollin' Round Ramp

    Finding Nemo Rollin’ Round Ramp

    Let the good times roll with this interactive Finding Nemo Rollin’ Round Ramp! Roll Nemo down the ramp to activate fun and exciting sounds. This brightly colored toy will entertain your little fishie.

    Purchase your own Finding Nemo Rollin’ Round Ramp.

  • Finding Nemo Nesting Bath Pals

    Finding Nemo Nesting Bath Pals

    Make a wave at bath time with these adorable nesting bath pals from Finding Nemo. Baby will scoop, squirt, and strain with this adorable set. All the pieces nest together when bath time is over.

    Purchase your own Finding Nemo Nesting Bath Pals.

  • Thumper Clicker Pals

    Thumper Clicker Pals

    Click, click, click is Thumper’s new “thump”! Baby will delight at the clicking sounds as they move around the posable joints.

    Purchase your own Thumper Clicker Pals.

  • Bambi Clicker Pals

    Bambi Clicker Pals

    Oh dear! It’s hard to resist Bambi’s big, bright eyes. Baby will reach for the easily graspable legs and enjoy the clicking sounds and textured feet.

    Bambi Clicker Pals.

  • 101 Dalmations Patch Clicker Pals

    101 Dalmations Patch Clicker Pals

    Baby will have 101 reasons to love this sweet Patch Clicker Pal. #1, it’s cute! #2, it’s just the right size for tiny baby hands. #3, the colors are fun an interesting for Baby. #4…. I can go on!

    Purchase your own 101 Dalmations Patch Clicker Pals.

Which Fisher-Price Amazing Animals toy is right for your baby?


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