Soren at 3 Months

12 weeks down! My husband and I keep talking about how slow the pregnancy seemed and how after he was born, time seems to be going by at a slingshots speed! It’s been an incredible 3 months and boy oh boy have we been learning SO much about parenthood. I’m loving this stage a lot right now. He’s just over the “newborn” phase and getting into the baby phase. He’s smiling lots and loves exploring his world. It melts my heart watching his eyes analyze and discover his surroundings.

I Love Dressing My Daughters Alike

There are so many things I love about having two little girls.

I love that they have a sister (I am the oldest of three girls in my family).

I feel comfortable having a second girl because I already knew at least something about being parent to a girl.

I appreciate that it’s easy to pass along hand-me-downs to my baby from my older daughter.

I love watching them play together.

But I can’t pretend that I don’t especially love dressing them in matching outfits.

Matching Sisters

I didn’t think I’d be the kind of mom to dress my girls alike, but now that I have two girls, I find that I just can’t resist it.

There’s something so cute about two little sisters in matching or coordinating outfits.

And even better, my older daughter is old enough to think it’s the most fun thing imaginable to match with her baby sister.

Heaven help us all if my (future) third child happens to be a girl too.

Matching Sisters

A Perfectly Lovely Book Themed Baby Shower!

I had the wonderful fortune of throwing a baby shower for a dear friend of my mine, Claire, with her mother (and grandmother-to-be) Leslie, and our mutual friends Melanie, Deirdre and Jody. Since Claire doesn’t know the gender of her baby, we wanted a theme that was versatile but specific to the Mama-to-Be, too. With so many clever, crafty women helping to plan this baby shower, we came up with the perfect theme for our bookworm friend: a book themed baby shower!

We went wild with the theme, even including a build a library request, asking guests to bring an unwrapped children’s book in lieu of a card. We had plenty of bookish activities and games and the Mama-to-Be was simply glowing with excitement and joy. Take a look through Claire’s Book Themed Baby Shower to find shower games, activities and decoration inspiration for your next shower!

6 Sweet and Simple Newborn Photo Props

With my due date approaching in T-minus 6 weeks (give or take…but I mean…who’s counting?), I’ve started thinking about newborn photos. I think newborn photos are the sweetest, but I’m not a fan of making them super elaborate. Babies in tutus and dressed to be camouflaged in baskets of fruit just aren’t my jam. I love simple photography and beautiful natural light that allows the focus to be right on that beautiful little babe. That said, I think props can also be a great addition to newborn photos when chosen carefully. Keep those props sweet and simple and your photos will look great! Here are a few props that would be great for newborn photos and that you probably already have on hand!

6 Sweet and Simple Newborn Photo Props

7 Tips to Help Moms Survive the Day After a Sleepless Night

I haven’t met a mom yet who hasn’t had her share of sleepless nights. Some of us experience them more than others, but none of us love them. Even if you love the bonding time that you may have with your infant in the wee hours of the night, I’m sure you don’t enjoy the fatigue you experience the next day.

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