Our Family's Favorite Christmas Song

Are you a huge fan of holiday music? I definitely am. I grew up going to the Christmas Eve service at church, where we would sing all of the Christmas songs I loved. I even start listening to holiday music in October because I just can’t wait for Christmas to get here! And it totally gets me in the holiday mood.

Because my family loves me so much, they have chosen a song that is very special to me as their favorite Christmas song.

I was given the awesome privilege of recording a Christmas song with one of the most recognizable characters of all time while I starred on Disney Channel. And I’ve included the music video for you all to see! 

Parenting Super Power: The World's Easiest Magic Trick

As awesome as Judah can be when we go out to eat, sometimes we still need to kill some time before the food makes it to the table. I have found, without fail, that there really is “one neat trick” to get your toddler to keep his or her cool at the table while you wait. It’s the easiest (and cheesiest!) magic trick you can do right at the table to amaze and astound your little one.

Magician’s note: they’ll probably start to get wise to the magic trick as they get older, but from 1 year on, this will blow their minds!

4 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Hustle

With Hanukkah having already begun and Christmas just around the corner, followed so closely by New Year’s celebrations, the Holiday Hustle is here. If you’re anything like our family, you might be trying to figure out how to shuttle your little ones between grandparents’ houses and plenty of holiday gatherings.

Here are four tips to help you survive – and enjoy! – the whirlwind of holidays ahead!

Baby Name Ideas from Disney Channel Shows!

This one is for you expecting parents who are Disney super fans, but also for anyone looking for super cute baby names! It turns out Disney Channel has a ton of cute character names and I thought it would be really fun to put together a baby names list with some of my favorite names from different Disney Channel shows. And of course there are some in there from Sonny With A Chance :).

If you are like I was and just can’t seem to find a name you like for your little miracle then maybe this list will help!

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