Full-Time Mom and Working from Home: How to Get Things Done!

Being a full-time mommy and working from home is like juggling two full-time jobs at once. Remember the days when everything on your “to-do” list was checked off and there was nothing left for you to do? Remember when we were kids and used to get “bored”….those days are no more! ;) I’ve found that there is ALWAYS things to be done. When my husband asks, “are you done with work for the day” or “how much left do you have to do”…my answer is usually, “I’m never done, but I’ll stop if needed!”

It seriously is such a huge joy and blessing to have the ability to stay at home with my son, run my own business and create my own hours. I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m exactly where I want to be. However, that certainly doesn’t make each day easy or my task list finish itself magically…no fairy godmother here. ;)

A Day in the Life: Soren’s 9 Month Schedule

The day stars for us at about 7:00AM. Jon heads out the door for work and Soren is usually up at this time. After changing his diaper and nursing him I try squeezing in as much cuddle time as I can muster from my wiggly man. I put him in the play yard in our room and let him watch Baby Einstein’s while I make the bed and do my morning routine.

Learning is Everywhere

When I was a kid, I loved school. I loved reading and writing. Truly, I loved learning. Now that I’m geeky mom, I have the unique privilege of playing “teacher” to my son. As I watch him grow and develop, taking in and processing this great big world around him, I’ve realized something very important: learning is everywhere.

From playtime to bath time to mealtime and beyond, here’s how we turn everyday experiences and play into magical teachable moments.

Raising a Bilingual (Or Multilingual) Child When You Don't Speak the Language

There are so many benefits of learning a second (or third) language. As we’ve heard time and time again, little minds are remarkable at absorbing language skills. We’re raising our son bilingual in English and Spanish, but ideally we’d love for him to learn another language. The only problem is, we don’t speak a third language. So how do you go about teaching, say Spanish or Mandarin when you don’t speak the language? It can seem a bit intimidating at first, but here are a few tips that might help you with teaching a second language to your little one:

Macks' First Halloween

I have always been a huge fan of holidays and even more so when my children are celebrating them for the first time. Today is Macks’ first Halloween and while he doesn’t know that this day is any different from the rest, he will when he’s older.

With two older sisters, Macks was set-up to have a very special first Halloween. The girls picked out his costume months in advance and our oldest, Harlan, even wanted to coordinate her costume with his. She’s going as the princess and he’s going as the frog. I love that they care about him so much and want him to be involved in their daily lives and even special occasions like Halloween.

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