Take A Stroll with Disney Baby

It is official! Spring is in the air. Now is the time to take your little one outside to enjoy the beauty of spring! Our favorite thing to do in weather like this to go to the park, play, and go for a walk. Let Disney Baby help you to make your baby’s day out a breeze!

Friday Date Night with Baby

Like many parents, Friday nights are my chance to unwind from the busy week. I put my phone and my computer away, put my pajamas on soon after I put my girls down for bed, and love to lay in my bed and relax. Sometimes that’s hard to do with a baby, especially one that doesn’t have a routine yet.

Sick Cuddle Boy

Our First Holiday with Soren

Easter, our first holiday with Soren kinda sneaked up on us! We got up early for church, had lunch with our family and managed to squeeze in a quick photo of the three of us. I kinda felt bad about not doing anything special, we didn’t buy him a fun outfit or get him anything Easter related…we started off the holiday just like we would have if it was just the two of us.

Huggies Little Snugglers - Our Favorite Newborn Diaper

We are a cloth diapering family. We’ve used cloth with our first two children and plan on doing so with Margot, too. But, we always wait a few weeks to start cloth for a few different reasons. 1) Cloth diapers aren’t very accommodating to the umbilical cord stub. While it’s still attached, you’ve got to be careful that it doesn’t get rubbed. 2) Newborns need about a million diapers a day, and quite frankly, I’m not ready to do laundry that often just yet. 3) Cloth diapers (even the smallest ones) are often too big for newborn babes. That being said, we LOVE our Huggies Little Snugglers for our newborn. Here’s why…

The Third Time Around

Margot has officially passed the 1 week mark, and let me tell you what a week it has been! This being our third baby, we pretty much knew what to expect. From recovering from childbirth to a newborn’s sleeping and eating patterns, we’ve done this before. I will say that this time around has been different, though. Here’s what I’ve learned the third time around…

Rocket Fuel