The Quirky Trick That Got Us Through Potty Training

With the birth of Amani, I knew I had to step up my potty training game with Zaynab. Two kiddos in diapers wasn’t something that I wanted to deal with at all. It was time to roll up my sleeves — and my pant legs —  and nip this issue in the bud. The only challenge was that Zaynab was not taking to potty training as well as her sisters had. Her sisters were out of diapers within three days. Zaynab wasn’t on board and needed a new trick to eventually transition into undies. Once I discovered what made her go, I was shouting “hooray!” all day long.

Smiles, Laughs, & Tears at the Doctor

It was over in a flash. But the tears, crying, and screaming lasted much longer…or so it felt.

Cooking with Abuelita: Gallo Pinto

I mentioned in an earlier post that gallo pinto is one of my family’s favorite Nicaraguan dishes. We visit my grandmother once a week and she will usually cook a little something for us with Liam’s help. It’s fun for him to learn and we all get to enjoy the delicious outcome.

This week we had gallo pinto. The secret to a good gallo pinto is to use day-old rice. I’m telling you, it’s the best. Then you can mix in the beans and any other leftovers you may have. That’s what I love about my grandmother’s gallo pinto. It’s always a little different depending on the mix-ins she adds. Check below for the recipe.

My 6 Favorite Things About My 6-Month-Old

I will forever cherish the moments I get to spend at home with my boys while they are so young, and I can’t believe six months has flown by so quickly. Next thing I know, I’ll blink and Bentley will be in high school. What a special thing it is to be a parent.

There are so many things I love about both of my boys, but I have somehow picked my top 6 favorites about Bentley. Here they are!

6 Tips for Feeding Baby Solids for the First Time

Feeding your little one solids for the first time can be a bit nervewracking, to say the least. I remember feeling so anxious, not knowing what to expect. There were some foods that our son absolutely loved and ones that were a bit more challenging. Here are a few tips and tricks that helped us along the way:

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