"Say Cheese!": The Magic of my Toddler's Smile

With Lola’s big sister every couple-of-months her nana and I found ourselves at the photo studio of a local baby store. Each time I left with several photos featuring my sweet girl in multiple poses. I also remember countless attempts at getting her smile. Holding toys up in front of her, squealing and talking in the sing song voice us mama’s do — even tickles. Most of the time we got that coveted smile and a few times we got tears. But as she grew getting her to smile became as easy as uttering two magic words — “say cheese.”

I’m not sure when it happens, when our littles figure out our request for “cheese” is a request for a smile. But when it happens it’s pure magic. Every time.

Lion King Fashion for Your Little Cub

The Lion King Fashion Collection has made its way to the Disney Store and it is one that is not to be missed. With just the right amount of options, and each piece being quite adorable you may find yourself saying “Hakuna matata” as you pick out an outfit for your own little cub. From denim dungarees and rompers to polka dotted dresses and plush jackets each piece merges fashion and function in the most charming way.

This is Soren at 6 Months!

It’s Soren’s half birthday! Every month that goes by, I love him more and more. I love being able to play with him and watch him change and learn in an instant. Today, he discovered his reflection and realized it was HIM. He went bananas! He is constantly on the go and doesn’t have time for cuddles…I’m hoping when he gets a little older he might enjoy some cuddle time more. ;) He has so much energy and is constantly busy and wanting to go-go-go! If he had it his way he wouldn’t nap at all. I don’t think he wants to miss out on a thing. :)

Here are some fun facts about Soren at 6 months!

How We Enjoy Family Music Time

I have always loved music. I played several instruments growing up and listened to music all the time. My husband plays the guitar, and when he was younger, he played with a few different bands.

We want to pass down a love for music to our kids, so we have regular family music time. One of the little drawers in the kids’ toy chest is filled with little toy instruments. Isabel loves the maracas and Liam is partial to the recorder. I usually grab a tambourine and my husband leads us in a song. (Okay, so we don’t sound great, but we’re not horrible either.)


Something Special: Disney Dresses That Your Little Girl Will Love

I love dresses. I actually don’t wear them too much, but I still love them. I was a tomboy as a child, so although I have grown to love and appreciate a beautiful dress, that tomboy still lives in me.

Lately, I have noticed how much my daughter, Jada, loves dresses. When I buy her a new dress, she smiles, and when she tries it on, she starts dancing all over the house. Her excitement is infectious. I just love it.

Although dresses can’t be an everyday thing (or maybe they can be), I think little girls should have a few cute dresses as options. Whether it’s the ruffles, the flow of a dress, or just how cute they look, the perfect dress goes a long way. Here are a few Disney dresses that your little girl will love.

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