First Family: 13 Baby Names Inspired by Presidents' Children

With the birth of Chelsea Clinton’s daughter, Charlotte, earlier this week, I started to think about children of the presidents. While I was familiar with the names of the presidents and their wives, I was unfamiliar with the names of their children. Much to my surprise, the first families are filled with traditional names, but there are more unique names than I would have thought. Take a look at some of my favorites from our past presidents.

8 Things Never to Say to a New Mom

Being a new mom is such a crazy roller coaster ride!

Besides the fact that there was a new person in the world I was completely in love with and totally responsible for, I was also adjusting to a new a schedule and a whole slew of hormones.

Every time I went out in public, people wanted to comment on my baby or ask how things were going. Usually this was delightful, but occasionally people made comments that made me think, “Why would you ever say that to a new mom?”

Here are eight things to avoid saying to a new mommy. Try commenting on how cute that baby is instead.

New Mommy

New Mommy

10 Ideas for Baby’s First Disney Halloween Costume

With Halloween on the way, it’s time to figure out what your little one will be for Halloween this year – if you haven’t already! If this is your baby’s first Halloween, there are a ton of adorable costumes now at Disney Store that are perfect for their first night of trick-or-treats. You can even save 25% off select costumes, costume accessories, and treat bags right now at Disney Store!

Here are 10 Disney-inspired ideas to get you started for your little one’s first Halloween costume!

9 Things To Do Before You Have a New Baby

In those last few weeks before my babies have been due, it’s a weird combination of feeling frantically busy (wash baby clothes! Pack your hospital bag!) and waiting around wondering when my baby will actually make her big debut.

Here are nine things I like to do before the big day to take advantage of the last pre-baby time and also to be ready for when I bring that baby home from the hospital.

Before Your Due Date

Before Your Due Date

Hey Mom, Time to Baby Proof!

Since Amani learned to roll over, she’s realized that if she pushes hard enough, she can work her way around the room. Once I set her down, she begins rolling over and and wiggling about. The problem is that she’s paired this exciting milestone with another — putting things in her mouth. Now when she reaches something in front of her, she immediately puts it into her mouth. The message is loud and clear: Time to baby proof!

Time to Baby-Proof
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