9 Reasons I Love Baby Bathtime

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Who doesn’t love bathtime? There are so many reasons that I absolutely adore this time of evening:

  1. There is nothing that I love more than the smell of a clean baby – I could just breathe that freshly-shampooed hair all night long.
  2. On a long day, I can burn up to an hour before bedtime with a bath. Hooray!
  3. I feel like my babies sleep better after a bath (this is probably all in my head, but my mom has said this to me many times, so, of course, I take it as gospel truth).
  4. Once my older daughter was a bit older, I could sit next to the tub and read while she played happily.
  5. A warm bath is perfect on a cold night and a cool bath is ideal at the end of a hot summer day – it’s an all-season activity!
  6. I feel like my daughter is best at entertaining herself in the tub; she pours endless cups of water into little bowls, makes up silly games, and singing songs while playing with the bubbles.
  7. I love snuggling my clean, slippery baby into a big warm towel and carrying them into their room to get dressed for bed.
  8. On the rare occasions I manage to wash my girls’ hair without getting water in their eyes, I am hailed as a superhero. I won’t pretend this doesn’t feel good.
  9. If they splash water on the floor, afterward, when I wipe up the tile, it’s a bonus cleaning of the bathroom!
Bath Time

Don't be fooled by the grumpy face - she loves baths!

What do you love about baby baths?

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