Tantrum-Free Bathtime

Overcome Baby’s qualms when it comes to bathtime — see how Minnie Mouse squirtees can save the day!

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Saving Bathtime


Super Splash

30 Seconds with Baby: Splashing is half the fun of any bath. Babies love flailing their arms, legs and any other body part that can cause a stir. Point out big splashes, little splashes, when she’s using her right arm, her left arm…or just give her 30 seconds to splish splash freestyle. After that, the rule is, get cleaned up and hop out.

Make Bathtime the Best Time

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30 Seconds with Baby: Let a toddler use the soapy sponge to wash himself while you call out each part. “Get your tummy! Don’t forget your feet!” If he’s still a little dirty, you can do a more thorough job afterward.

Water Books

30 Minutes with Baby: Take advantage of the huge variety of bath books available and read a couple each night. Pretty soon your baby will be telling you, or the rubber ducky, the stories himself.

Momgineer Tip #2

“Something that worked for me was to sing silly bath songs. We loved ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Splish! Splash! I was Takin’ a Bath’.

If you don’t know the words, you can just make them up. And adding my daughter’s name to the song always made her smile.”

- Jeannine D.
Mom to Lilly

Mini Massage

30 Minutes with Baby: If you’ve got a tiny baby who isn’t sure about water yet, try a short massage during the bath or just after. Using relaxing circular movements, run your hands over her legs, her arms, then her tummy and eventually her face if she enjoys it. Talk to her or hum a tune as you go. Start with a few minutes and work your way up to a longer massage.

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